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Privacy Policy Generator

Privacy Policy Generator creates a privacy policy statement for your business. You can customize the privacy statement as per your business requirements. A privacy policy statement is a detailed statement of what data you collect from your visitors, where you store it and how you use it.

Privacy policy is required by the law. Privacy policy statement may also be required by third party services like Google Adsense. Not having a privacy policy can attract fines in some jurisdictions.

Privacy Policy Generator

Here's what this privacy policy generator offers you:

  1. An easy-to-customize privacy agreement that can be used by any online business
  2. Sections detailing your data collection policy
  3. Quick to generate, great starting point for small businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

blog privacy

Do Blogs need Privacy Policy?

A blog is an online journal or your personal log where you share information. Just sharing information does not require a privacy policy. However, if you use something like google analytics, you are also collecting visitor information (even though it is anonymized or obscured). If you are using a newsletter form to collect your visitors’ personally identifying information like Name and E-Mail, that too requires a privacy policy statement that clearly states how you handle this data.

Do e-commerce Stores need Privacy Policy?

Yes. If you are an online store owner, it’s quite likely you require collecting personally identifying information (PII) like shipping address and billing details from your customers. Any such collection requires you to state why you collect this data, where you store it and how you use it.

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Where should I add my Privacy Policy Statement?

Your privacy policy should be easy to locate. Privacy governing international laws like GDPR, CalOPPA require you to place a link that’s easily accessible on your website. We recommend you place a link in either the global navigation or the website footer. We also recommend showing the privacy policy link when your users are about to submit their personal information like signing up to a newsletter or entering their shipping information.

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Next Steps

Once you have generated your template, please go through the entire document to make sure the terms of service and policies are applicable to your business. If you are unsure about a section, it's best to exclude it from your document.

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